100-Year-Olds On How To Love What You Do

Take risks, for starters.


What's the key to loving what you do? In a new video from Allure magazine, women in their 100s share advice on finding happiness in your work and career— and it's insight we should all consider. 

One 107-year-old first talks about her father's success. "My father became a citizen and he worked for a restaurant and after awhile he built his own restaurant. [His] success was that he worked very hard to keep the family together," she says.

Afterward, a 100-year-old woman, dressed in purple, discusses the importance of taking risks. "I see, here in New York, so many girls from out of town and they come to New York to see what's going on. And it gives you a wider scope of what you want to do. When I was young, we lived with our parents [and] then we got married. I don't think I took too many risks at that time. That's why I can say that it's good to take risks."

"Try different kinds of endeavors so that you can make up your mind [as to] which one you really like," she adds.

The women also address their own experiences in the workplace and in education, as well as how others influenced their decisions in life. For example, one woman talks about how her husband wanted her to quit working. Even though she did, she talks about fulfilling her creative outlet by designing rings, like her own wedding ring.


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