100-Year-Olds Reveal What They've Learned About Beauty In Their Lifetime

"Don't try to make your face tan because it's the only face you have, honey."

At what age do you think you'll stop your beauty routine? For some people, the answer is pretty much never. In a video for Allure (below), three women, ages 101 to 104, share the joys they feel when applying some lipstick or putting on a fresh wig.  

"I use an eyebrow pencil and I put rouge on my skin. My lipstick, I use for rouge,"  Helen, who is 104, says in the video. "I was maybe about in my late 20s when I decided to have a wig because it saved me time in the morning curling it and combing my hair." 

Putting on makeup, having a skincare routine, and styling hair clearly makes many people feel great, and these women seem to genuinely enjoy the process.  They also know that, beauty aside, the key to happiness is simply being yourself, as they stated in a previous video. 

While we love seeing these centenarians have fun enhancing their natural looks, we know that many other aging people, women in particular, fall victim to societal pressure to "never age." Spending time on anti-aging treatments, trendy clothes, and beauty routines can be time-consuming and costly, and if you don't want to worry about putting on lipstick when you're 102, power to you! We're in the same boat. 

Whether you choose to keep up a beauty routine you love, or toss your makeup bag in the trash, we hope that as you age, you do so on your own terms instead of trying to live up to society's standards.

For more on what these centenarians do when it comes to their beauty routine, watch the video below. 



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