100 People Talk About What's On Their Bucket List

Our list just keeps getting longer and longer.

What's on your bucket list? Here at A Plus, we've got a pretty long list: people who want to travel to every continent, others who want to skydive, and people who want to write novels, and beyond.

Recently, Cut asked 100 people to talk about what's on their bucket list, and their unique answers may inspire you to add some new goals to yours. For example, one person wants to ride a slew of roller coasters all around the United States. Another person wants to try burlesque dancing, and someone wants to ride a donkey through the Grand Canyon.

There are also some commonalities in their answers: a handful of people want to be movie stars or meet their favorite celebrities. And it's safe to say that a ton of people would like to travel.

"I really want to go backpacking in outer Mongolia," one person answers. Other destinations include The Great Wall of China, Greece, and Paris.

Regardless of what's on your list, we think setting goals for yourself is a healthy practice, and perhaps making a bucket list will inspire you to live out more of your dreams and actually accomplish your New Year's resolution in the coming year. 

Check out more responses in the full video below:


This video is another installment of Cut's Keep It 100 series. Previously, they've featured other unusual and funny moments, sch as 100 people making out with plexiglass, 100 people react to a balloon pop,100 people dancing, and 100 people trying to cry on cue


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