Watch A Progression Of Women Age From 0 To 101, Right Before Your Very Eyes


In a three-and-a-half minute short film by documentarian Jeroen Wolf of ImagineVideoclips, we get to see young girls just a few months old to 101 years-old women state their age with a smile. 

The project was made over the course of three years and is the first of a series of three shorts called 100 that Wolf is producing. The second in the series will be boys to men, and according to Wolf, the project is meant to showcase all the great faces of age. 

In his video description Wolf writes: "I literally filmed hundreds and hundreds of people in 2011 and 2012 and asked them to state their age in front of the camera... I always wanted to make a female only and a male only version to be able to show all the great faces I was able to capture. After three years I finally finished the girls only version. Stay tuned for the boys only." 


And it's amazing to see the faces of age, from infancy... adulthood...

...and beyond.

Watch the video below to see girls state their age in order, from infancy to 101. All the changing faces are pretty amazing.

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