9/11 Documentary Gives An Inside Look At The Brave Lives Of New York City's Firefighters

Never forget.

10 years ago, two planes hijacked by terrorists flew into the Twin Towers in New York City. 

A 2011 documentary detailing the events on 9/11 called "10 Years Later" has resurfaced thanks to Reddit — detailing the insurmountable feats the first responders had to accomplish before 9/11 happened, that day and beyond. The man who filmed it was already following the New York City Fire Department for a separate documentary. Then 9/11 happened.

"At the time, we didn't think there was anything worse than losing a single firefighter," one says. 


We hear about what happened that day all the time, and the bravery of the heroes who ran in. But this film shows a little bit of what they went through.

And footage shows the first responders running into the first level of one of the towers, without knowing that it would soon collapse. The few of its kind that gets a firsthand look.

The firefighters comforted people in the stairwells, carried people out and kept climbing higher to get people out. 

As the second tower falls in the film, the camera stays on as the filmmaker starts to run. He said that someone had jumped on top of him. It was the police chief, trying to protect him from the debris. 

"You do your job, you risk your life to help people," the narrator says. 

In total, 343 firefighters and paramedics lost their lives that day.

The documentary pays tribute to those people.


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