Strangers Rally Behind 10-Year-Old Aspiring Artist After Reading Heartbreaking Letter To Her Sister

"I’m literally crying because I love them so much and it sucks how much your parents affect u when they’re not supportive."

Seventeen-year-old Emely Cifuentes wanted to encourage her little sister Marely, who wants to be an artist, to flex her creative muscles. Emely was about to go out, but she asked the 10-year-old to paint a pair of her turquoise pair of sneakers. When Emely returned, she was surprised to find a note next to the partially painted Vans. 


Marely explained in the note why she didn't finish painting the sneakers for her older sister. "I'm sorry if you don't like them," she wrote. "I tried my best. Mom said she didn't like them and that broke my heart. I don't need you to break it more. Now that I see it I agree with her. You shouldn't have let me do that. I'm soo sorry," the note read. 

Emely shared the note and sneakers on Twitter, writing, "Now I'm literally crying because I love them so much and it sucks how much your parents affect u when they're not supportive." 

Emely spoke with her mom and found out that her reaction was, in part, because of a misunderstanding. "Of course the first thing I did was ask my mom why she made her feel like that or what she actually said to her and my mom said she thought that she took my shoes without my permission, which is why her reaction was a little negative," Emely told Yahoo. "My mom always tries to support us in what we do, but of course sometimes it feels otherwise. Since her opinion is the one that matters most to us, it's easier to get us feeling down."

Luckily, people on Twitter showed their appreciation for Marley's talents and rallied behind her to offer their support. Many reached out to see if they could commission the young artist or send her supplies.

Some even showed her how much they loved the sneakers she designed by recreating them themselves. "Mare couldn't believe that someone recreated her work," Emely told one of those inspired by her sister's design. "She was talking about this so much. Thank you for being such a kind soul."

Even Vans responded to her creative sneakers. "Tell Marley we think these are the coolest Vans we've seen - they put the custom Warped Tour vans we are designing to shame," the shoe company wrote on Twitter. 

All of the kind and encouraging responses has helped Marely to feel more confident in her artistic abilities. She even decided to finish painting the sneakers.Yesterday, Emely shared of a photo of Marely looking proud as she held them up along with a note addressed to all the "nice people" who reached out. 

"I am so blessed that there was more than 3K comments. My friends are sooo blown away," she wrote in the note. "BTW, I am 10 years old. If I could paint all your shoes, I would. And if I would meet ALL of you, I would. But, here are 3 facts about me. I LOVE drawing as you can see. I LOVE art. I also LOVE all of you!"

We can't wait to see what Marely creates next. 


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