10-Year-Old Breast Cancer Survivor Is Encouraging Everyone To Support Each Other

Thousands helped raise over $94,000 for her treatment, and now she's cancer-free.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In honor of the month, we will be highlighting the stories of those affected, as well as the people who come to their aid and help bring awareness to the issue.

In 2015, 8-year-old Chrissy Turner was diagnosed with secretory breast carcinoma, an extremely rare form of breast cancer that affects approximately one in 1,000,000 people. Only 15 people in the U.S. have ever been diagnosed with it, and Chrissy is the youngest person to have ever been seen with this type of cancer.

Her diagnosis was reviewed by the top oncologists in the country and made headlines thanks to her Chrissy's Alliance Facebook page and her GoFundMe. Thanks to the fundraising efforts of her family, more than 2,000 people helped raise over $94,000 for Chrissy's treatment, and now, after undergoing a mastectomy, Chrissy is 10 years old and cancer-free. 

And the Utah girl has been inspiring others with her hope and zest for life.

Courtesy of Chrissy's Alliance

Updates posted on Chrissy's Alliance show her recent milestones, including her 10th birthday celebration on July 23 and the raising of her special star in the entry of Make-A-Wish Utah in March 2017. The updates are raising awareness about cancer and spreading joy.

Chrissy's mom, Annette, told A Plus via email that Chrissy is doing well and is embracing life. She explained that the the fifth-grader doesn't need specific treatment right now, and she just goes for check-ups every three to four months. 

Annette hopes people who read Chrissy's story will pay attention and go to the doctor for early screenings as soon as they can. She also hopes parents will take kids seriously if they come to them with a problem, and says, "Don't be afraid to listen to your gut if something just doesn't feel right."

Courtesy of Chrissy's Alliance

She added, "For those inspired by our Chrissy, we just want to send love and as much hope as we can. We are all in this journey of life together, and we just want to support and encourage others in any way we can. It's the little things that matter most!"

Courtesy of Chrissy's Alliance

Annette concluded, "This life is a journey to be lived with purpose and service. We are continually humbled by others supporting Chrissy and our family and are eternally grateful!"

Chrissy also echoed her mom's sentiments about embracing life. She told PEOPLE, "This experience has taught me to keep moving forward and never give up. Through my cancer, I learned how important family really is and that we should enjoy every second of this life."

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