Here Are 10 Of The Weirdest Things Available On Wikipedia

This is why your teachers won't let you cite it in your paper.

If you graduated high school or college any time since 2001, there’s a fairly good chance that Wikipedia played a role in earning that diploma.


The user-edited website is the 6th most visited site on the internet. While it has an endless amount of great information that provides a good introduction to a number of topics, there is also some really, really weird stuff that basically defies explanation.

YouTube channel Alltime10s provided a brief rundown of the weirdest things you'll find on everyone's favorite online encyclopedia.

10. DAFT - Deleted Articles with Freaky Titles

Skimming through the DAFT page will turn up old Wiki entries such as "Drug delivery systems to human doggy creatures," "How to Eat a Scorpion While it is Mating," and "Poopoo clouds." 

In case you're wondering, it's totally acceptable to sit in a corner and weep for humanity after reading that list.

9. Wikipedia policies

Wikipedia depends on users to upload material and maintain the site, so it makes sense that there would be policies that need to be followed. One such rule is ignore all rules, which states: "If a rule prevents you from improving or maintaining Wikipedia, ignore it."

Okie dokie, then.

8. Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

Believe it or not, this sentence is 100 percent grammatically correct. It's a shorter version of: "Bison from Buffalo, that bison from Buffalo bully, themselves bully bison from Buffalo."

Is it just me, or do you ever feel really, really bad for people who learn English as a second language?

7. Scottish Wiki

While people living in Scotland might prefer to read the Gaelic version of Wikipedia, the Scottish version is written the way their accents sound, which is actually kind of amazing. 

Example: "Did ye ken ... that Ronald Reagan won mair electoral votes than ony ither American preses, winnin 49 oot o the 50 states?"

Love. It.

6. The Religion of Wikipedia

Need a religion? The "Really Reformed Church of Wikipedia" has you covered! With all of the sacred texts, prayers, and idols of other religions, but none of the missing out on watching football on Sundays. 


5. Silly Things

The pages of Wikipedia have seen some ridiculous entries over the years. Not wanting  a good joke go to waste, the best entries have been collected and and archived on the Silly Things page. 

Interested in seeing the "List of really, really, really stupid article ideas that you really, really, really should not create"?

This website really does have everything.

4. Wikipedia Hoaxes

When you allow the public to create and edit whatever they want, things are bound to turn sour every now and then through hoaxes and vandalism. The list includes a lot of fictional people and events, and even an imaginary game for Nintendo DS called "Wander Donkey." Even entire wars have been created on Wiki, with exceptional length and detail.

3. Wikipedia Lists

If you're doing a lot of research on a single subject, it's helpful to have a list. You know what's not usually helpful? "List of Premature Obituaries," "List of fictional ducks," and "List of people who have been pied" which is legitimately a list of famous people who have been hit in the face with pie.

They say knowledge is power, but in this case... maybe not.

2. List of Animals With Fraudulent Diplomas

Just when you're starting to feel good about going back to school for your degree, there's a story about a cat who did it faster than you and without the use of opposable thumbs. 

Thanks to the List of Animals With Fraudulent Diplomas, you can take a little more pride in your studies knowing that all of these came from diploma mills and you won't actually be competing against a dog for a job.

1. Experiments In the Revival of Organisms

If you've ever wanted to know about mad scientists out there who tried to be real life Dr. Frankensteins, here you are. Based on the 1940 film of the same name, Experiments In The Revival of Organisms discusses the attempts to connect dog organs to machines to bring them back to life. 

If there was ever a time to say "I literally can't even..." this is it.

Listen to the full descriptions here, with even more examples of absurdities:

Did you know that Wikipedia has 500 million unique visitors every month? You're probably one of them, so don't forget to donate to Wiki and help keep this informative, hilarious, and downright weird website online, and share this article with your friends!


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