If You're Single, You've Probably Forgotten How To Do These 10 Things

Sharing is for squares.

1. Cuddle


And no, your body pillow does not count as a person.

2. Share dessert

Or share the covers, or share the pizza.

3. Take a compliment

Just because someone says something nice about your hair doesn't (necessarily) mean they want to sleep with you.

4. Brush your teeth, shave, or really just practice any form of personal hygiene

5. Go on a real date

No matter how many Tinder meet-ups you've endured your emoji-laden millisecond relationships can't prepare you for the adult world of dating.

6. Display affection

7. Budget time

A boyfriend?

8. Answer text messages

The kind that say things other than, "What do you want to eat?" and "Would you like a free puppy?"

9. Compromise

"Sorry, but I only want to watch every episode of Gilmore Girls ever on repeat from now until the end of time."

10. Wear anything but footie pajamas and cotton underwear

Like, ever.

Cover image via SNeG17 / Shutterstock


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