10 Reasons To Go Camping Before Summer Ends

Time is running out.

Now that we're halfway through August, the end of summer is regrettably, painfully in sight. That's why it's in everyone's best interest to go outside, literally this second, and soak up every minute of nice weather left before the seasons really begin to shift to cold.

Camping is a phenomenal way to get away from the craziness of everyday life and appreciate a slower pace out in nature. Don't worry about being uncomfortable, or hot, or getting bug bites — from roughing it to glamping (glamour camping), there's a level of camping for everyone. It just depends on how much stuff you want to lug with you.

Here are 10 reasons to get out into the wild while you still can:


1. Appreciating nature

It's easy to forget how beautiful the natural environments around us are, especially if you live in a big city. Camping lets you reconnect with nature and enjoy the peace it provides.

2. Escaping the grid

Turn your phone off. Leave your iPad at home. Don't bring any electronics and take a deep breath. It's actually pretty great.

3. Exercise

Camping is a super-easy way to get exercise while also doing something far more interesting than running in place on a treadmill, or picking heavy things up and putting them back down at the gym. Hiking always goes hand in hand with camping, so pick a good trail, do it at your own pace and enjoy how sore it'll make you once you get back to the campsite for a meal.

4. Silence

When's the last time you heard ... nothing? Like, actually zero noise? The feeling of being out in the middle of nowhere with only the chirps of crickets and the crackle of your campfire is incredibly soothing.

5. It's cheap

Booking a campsite is way, way cheaper than any hotel or Airbnb, especially if you take some time off and go during the week. It's a rewarding vacation without spending much at all.

6. Different food

Cooking over a fire will push you to cook different food than you would normally eat. There's no takeout, no appliances, nothing. Get creative.

7. Good conversation

Being away from the bustle allows you to connect a lot quicker with people. Just by having alone time with friends, family or any loved ones, you're able to get to a real, meaningful conversation immediately.

8. The stars

Ever really seen them before? Not if you live in a city. You'll be shocked at how many you can see in the absence of light pollution.

9. Learning new skills

Whether it's fishing, pitching a tent, building a fire from scratch or anything else, camping allows you to learn how to do new things. That's never bad.

10. Getting refreshed

Going camping for a few days is the perfect way to get refreshed and ready to jump back into the grind. Vacations can be super stressful, but with camping, you're free to do what you want without much interference, and when you're done you just pack up and go straight home.

(H/T: Active)

Cover image: Jason Pratt via Flickr


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