10 Clever Halloween Costumes To Keep Your Friends Guessing

These puns are too much.

Halloween is nearly here, which means that everyone is making last-minute preparations for spooky holiday parties or to trick-or-treat with the best of them. Because Halloween is a holiday for all ages, the choice of costume is arguably the most important decision one will make. It's important to be unique and stand out.

Showing up to a party just to find someone in the exact same costume can be devastating (why get so dressed up if not to stand out?), but avoiding this awkward situation is actually pretty easy. 

While picture-perfect store-bought costumes get lots of great attention, the homemade costume is where it's at. Dressing up as a clever play on words is not only cheaper than buying a costume off the rack, but are also sure to be remembered.

Here are 10 brilliant pun costumes you really need to try:


1. Netflix and chill

2. Chicken cord-on blue

3. Iron chef

4. Convicted cereal killer

5. A ceiling fan

6. The Second Amendment: the right to bear arms

7. Social butterfly

8. Fantasy football

9. Dunkin' Donuts

10. Demi Lovato, queen of Halloween puns, as a trap queen

Which costume was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!


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