10 Neurotic Things That Everyone Does On Their Phones When They're In Love

You've saved every last text, haven't you?

The intersection of love and technology has never been more obvious than it is in our times. Despite the desperate wailings of people who insist our society is becoming more and more disconnected from each other as they engage through electronic and digital means, the world really seems much, much smaller than ever. A long-distance relationship, for example, was once thought an impossible thing: an endeavor that could only be carried out by stoic, sacrificing couples approaching sainthood. But now? You can talk to someone halfway across the world for pennies.

With that in mind, we as people have changed. The things we do in public experience a shift in social acceptance. The things we do when we're with our friends have changed. Even the things we do when we're in love have changed: While people still do the same goofy things they always have, the advent of the smartphone has wildly changed the way we think and act when we're in love.

And here are 10 ways how.


1. You check your phone for messages. Constantly.

Did your phone just ring? Sometimes you can't hear it. Better check. Did it just vibrate in your pocket? Better check. No notification light? Well, the light doesn't always work. Better check. Did you check your phone since the last time you checked your phone? No? Better check. Did that message you sent go through? Better check? Was it read? Better check.

Checking messages? More like hoping for messages. 

Better check.

2. You save their texts: all of them.

Every SnapChat. Every pic. Every "OK." 

Go ahead, scroll up and see how long you've been doing it. 

We'll wait.

3. You download new apps so you can be more connected to them.

WhatsApp. Viber. SnapChat. Skype. Couple. Every messaging system you can think of. 

Because what if one breaks?

4. You wake up in the middle of the night to text or call them... or see if they've texted or called you.

Ever just text someone with...

"I can't sleep"
"I miss you"
"Thinking about you"
"You up?"


"Wanna come over?"

Yeah you have.

5. You can sense when a text or call is from them, even though you haven't changed the alert or ringtone.

Strange, isn't it? 

It's like ESP, but only regarding one person.

6. Your anxiety skyrockets when your battery gets low or you can't get a signal.

Checking your phone over and over again doesn't help.

Better get some coffee and recharge.

7. You start taking couple selfies.

8. You make your S/O your phone's wallpaper.

It's kind of a sweet thing to do, right?

Whatever. It doesn't matter what people think.

9. You give your S/O a nickname in your contacts.

The upside to this is that if you're ever in an accident, doctors will know to get in touch with Honey Muffin.

10. You actually ignore your phones when you're together.

The best thing you can do with your phone when it's just you and your S/O?

Put it away.

Life is short.


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