These 10 Mysterious Photos Have No Explanation

Coincidences, glitches, or something out of this world?

This chilling video by The Richest lays out some of the creepiest historical photographs ever seen. Creepier still is the fact that they've never been adequately explained. 


No one is exactly sure what any of these are.

Even the case of the Hook Island sea monster, judged by many to be an elaborate hoax, remains unsolved.

Scientific American took a shot at explaining the Hook Island photograph, but even they could only speculate that it might have been a piece of plastic sheeting weighed down by sand in the water... But then again, it might not have.

In some cases, it may well have just been superstition and trauma.

After the deaths of not one, but two, shipmates, who knows what sailors on the open sea might begin to see in the waves. But they were so certain that the faces they saw were real that they photographed them... And the images they captured are compelling.

So. Can you explain any of these? Which of these did you find most inexplicable?

1. Dallas' Babushka Lady 
2. Hessdalen Lights
3. Hook Island Sea Monster
4. Solway Firth "Spaceman"
5. The Ghosts of the S.S. Watertown 
6. The "Black Knight Satellite"
7. Cooper Falling Body
8. Geophone Rock Anomaly/Pyramid
9. Goddard's Squadron Pic/Face of Freddy Jackson
10.The Elisa Lam case

Watch the video here:

H/T: The Mind Unleashed.

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