10 Maps That Will Change The Way You Look At Cash

Cartography at its finest.

They say money makes the world go around, and they aren't kidding. You don't need an economics degree to see where people with a lot of cheddar live and the different types of currency in the world. The best way to see all that dough is on a map.

Here are 10 maps that make it easy for anyone to follow the money:


1. Cash is not accepted everywhere.

2. Every country has their own dead presidents on their money.

3. Rich people all over Europe.

4. Want to be friends with the richest person in your state?

5. There is a growing global class divide.

6. Money is literally going around in circles.

7. Football coaches are rolling in the dough.

8. Billionaires are flocking to certain corners of the world.

9. And they are living in these states.

10. There's still a big country that doesn't guarantee pay for expecting moms.

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