Ten Hours Walking As A Drag Queen Shows Street Harassment Is Not Exclusive To Women

When will it stop?

In this video by YouTube creator Nada Original, a man is seen dressed in drag walking the streets of Los Angeles, and receiving catcalls like, "F****** crazy," and "Shake that out," along with laughter and whistles. 

It comes as a response to a viral video released last week by the Hollaback! movement against street harassment, which showed the verbal abuse endured by a woman walking the streets of New York.

The creator of the drag queen video asserts his work is meant only to be a comedic parody, and is not meant to disrespect the original video or minimize the experience of women.

But parody or not, it makes a powerful point that verbal harrassment is not exclusive to women, and that some members of the LGBT community may have similar experiences. 

So let videos like this help illuminate just how big the issue really is (in case you didn't already know). 

For more information on the original video by Hollaback!, visit here.


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