These 10 Hilarious #GIFResume Tweets Will Make You Feel So Much Better About Your Last Job Application

Marketable skills meet Internet memes.

For most job seekers, their hunt often hinges on their resume. Do they have enough relevant experience?Do their skills match the ones their potential employer wants? And of course, did they choose the right font?! 

For some, it's a hard enough time getting their resume down to one page. For others, the very creation of any kind of resume is overwhelming. Luckily for both, Alice Goldfuss, a site reliability engineer at New Relic, has come up with a genius solution to everyone's resume worries: Replace it with a GIF. 

Because, at this point in modern society, what can't be improved upon with the gift of a GIF? 


Using #GIFResume, Goldfuss challenged the Twitterverse to condense all their marketable skills down to a single GIF. The Internet — being the Internet — responded exactly the way you think it would. 

From smashing the patriarchy to simply smashing their head into a desk, employers need look no further than their Twitter feed for their next employee of the month:

1. Advocating for equality in the workplace.

2. Being a team player.

3. Effective time management.

4. Typing skills.

5. Maintaining an efficient work-life balance.

6. Going the extra mile.

7. Multitasking.

8. Positive attitude.

9. Empathizing with others.

10. Knowing when to quit.

Cover image via Twitter 


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