10 Factors That Influence Your Decisions, And How You Can Make Smarter Ones

Are we really in control of our own choices?

Our lives are shaped by the decisions we make. It's been estimated that we all make as many as 35,000 choices every day

We like to think we're making the best decisions all the time, but is this really true?

Sometimes our judgement is clouded by fleeting moments of strong emotion, hunger, or impulsivity, but other times there are systemic flaws our brains use to justify making bad choices. 

These systems, known as cognitive biases, may make us feel better about our decisions, but it doesn't change the fact that we can still be very, very wrong.


In order to help people improve our 35,000 daily decisions, Towergate Insurance developed an infographic that illustrates and explains 10 common cognitive biases that influence our decisions. 

By understanding how we most often make bad decisions, we can be proactive in making sure that we avoid those pitfalls in the future. (Of course, that's assuming you don't also suffer from the False Consensus Effect, where you think everyone else is wrong but you!)

Check it out:

Cover image: Shutterstock


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