10 People Caught In The Act... Of Kindness

From simple gestures to sheer heroism, people are awesome.

There are opportunities for kindness everywhere. Any time we come into contact with other people, we are presented with the chance to make the world slightly better by simply choosing kindness over selfishness. Here are 10 examples of kindness that range from the personally sweet to acts of stunning courage and grace under pressure. We hope that, if nothing else, they'll put a smile on your face and inspire you to be caught being kind. Please be sure to read through to the end and vote for your favorite.



1. This cop protecting ducks.

2. This Red Sox fan.

3. This guy who caught his girlfriend's reaction when he brought home a cat.

4. This unthanked hero.

5. This McDonald's employee.

6. This baby whisperer.

7. Ryan Reynolds... being awesome.

8. These firefighters.

9. This guy helping feed the homeless.

10. This guy who caught a baby.

These were culled from the Humans Being Bros subreddit, created by Tara1, who has helped curate some of the very best acts of kindness on the planet. Please check it out. 

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