10 Christmas Hacks That Will Make Your Holidays So Much Merrier

#3 blew our minds.

Christmas is almost here, folks: a time of communal celebration, awko-taco office parties, Oscar-worthy performaces by people getting gifts they don't really want, hanging out with your kith and kin and crazy uncles, and over-consuming food and booze like Jesus did. On Christmas, there are no red states or blue states. Only red-and-green states. 

But Christmas comes with its own set of challenges too. Wrapping presents. Decorating that stately Douglas fir. 

These 10 Christmas hacks are guaranteed to make your holidays merrier. In this video, you'll learn how to turn a bag of chips into wrapping paper, decorate cookies without creating a mess, send Xmas cards without having to buy envelopes—and lots more.

If you thought these were as helpful as we did, be sure to share them with your friends. They will thank you for it.


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