1 Minute Of This Relaxation Video Is Equal To 3 Hours Of Real Sleep

The images alone will change your whole day.

People are paying big bucks to meditate with this "mindfulness" guru whose new relaxation technique is sweeping the nation. 

Now he's created a one minute method that is so unbelievably soothing, that it's actually putting 80 percent of viewers to sleep. (Or close to it.)

Scientists say that watching this video for 60 seconds is equivalent to three hours of real sleep. 



Once you finish watching the video, make sure to scroll down so we can explain exactly what your body and mind experienced.

Don't leave just yet!! Once you've seen the video, scroll down and we'll explain what just happened to you.

We're guessing you didn't find it relaxing at all and you're probably thinking... "What the freak, that robot is the opposite of relaxing!" You're right. 

(We hope you don't mind a little pranking. Happy April Fool's Day.)

Shhh. Now share it with your friends and prank them too.  


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