People Of All Ages Share Their Toughest Conversation, Showing How Complex Life Can Get Over Time

A 6-year-old's toughest conversation is pretty sweet.

We've all had tough conversations at some point in our lives — whether it's about ending a relationship, being the bearer of bad news, or making a life-changing announcement. What makes these particular conversations really hard is that we're most likely having them with people we care about. Hard conversations are uncomfortable and can lead to conflict, but they're important because they strengthen our relationships and helps us be our truest selves. 

Of course, what's considered a "hard conversation" is all relative to your age, experience, and place in life. In YouTube channel SoulPancake's latest installment of their 0-100 series, kids, teens, and adults share the hardest conversation they've ever had.


For a 6-year-old participant, the hardest conversation she's had so far is telling the truth to her "mommy and daddy." It's a sweet and innocent problem, to say the least. But as the video continues and older people weigh in, life's biggest challenges get more complex. For some participants, that complexity starts as early as their adolescent years. One 10-year-old boy in the video said it was tough telling his mom that he'd like to see a therapist for his separation anxiety.

Sometimes even happy moments can be hard to talk about depending on your circumstances. One 86-year-old woman recalled telling her father that she was getting married instead of going to college as her hardest conversation. Another participant, a 56-year-old White woman, remembers how hard it was to tell her racist father that she was dating a Black man. 

As the video went on, different perspectives, issues, and life moments showed how varied tough conversations can be. Sometimes they can happen for the better. Oftentimes the outcome of the conversations take some getting used to. But it's always necessary to speak your truth. 


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