This Student Responded To A Homophobic Assignment With A 127-Page Defense Of Marriage Equality

"God created me bisexual, and he made no mistakes, and he creates some people gay, and makes no mistakes."

As Whitney Houston sang, "the children are our future," and we have more confidence than ever in that declaration after hearing about a Catholic high school junior from a rural town in Missouri who had the ultimate response to a teacher's homophobic homework assignment.

The student, who goes by the name averagesmurf on Reddit, says the assignment was for his required Morality class. He explains, "The assignment is to write a 'Summa Theologica' style paper where you present a 'moral dilemma', which is where you give the objections to church teaching and then the replies from the church. The exact words my teacher said in class were that you have to provide the church teaching to 'show and prove that the church's position is right.'"


But before the students started their papers, the teacher held a larger discussion addressing an array of moral issues. "When the issue of 'why is the church so against gay marriage' came up, I asked for the little 'talking ball' and just started going for like 15 minutes on how the Bible isn't a condemnation of homosexuality and in all ways affirms love rather than hate and how god doesn't make mistakes when he makes us, we are who we are," the student recalls. 

The teacher rebutted with an argument quoting Aquinas on natural law, but the student persisted and held his ground, even noting that he was "applauded" by many students for his stance. The next time the class met, the student says the previously open discussion was forbidden in favor of screening an anti-gay video opposing homosexuality in Catholicism

The student, who lives with his devout Catholic grandparents and identifies as bisexual, then spent the next four months working on his paper, which is titled "Gay Marriage Is Fabulous". The end result is a thoughtful and well-written 127-page argument defending marriage equality and refuting claims the Bible is, in fact, against it. 

An excerpt from the paper.

The student says the "best paragraph" is as follows: "God created you, and he made no mistakes, God created me bisexual, and he made no mistakes, and he creates some people gay, and makes no mistakes: 'For everything created by God is good, and nothing is to be rejected' (1 Tim. 4.4-5). Marriage is not between man and woman, marriage is between love and love. Love is not wrong, love is not a mistake, love is not an abomination, love is just love."

He even went so far as to share the entire paper — which includes a lengthy bibliography and upwards of 50 footnotes — to prove to naysayers that he wasn't making any of this up.

"All I wanted to do was say to kids, who feel crummy about themselves because some jackass tells them it's wrong to be themselves, that they're loved and they don't have to hate who they are," he wrote on Reddit in response to claims he shared his story for attention.

While we don't know what grade he'll earn from his teacher, we bet one high-powered Catholic will appreciate this student's articulate and incredibly detailed defense of the LGBTQ community: The Pope.

Pope Francis has been praised by millions for his progressive stance on homosexuality, which is traditionally shunned by the Catholic church. The pope has invited openly gay leaders to The Vatican and, after being asked about gay priests in the church back in 2013, he famously replied, "If someone is gay and seeks the Lord with good will, who am I to judge?"

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