Man Chases Around A Woman He Matched With On His Phone, But He Doesn't Realize He Found Her All On His Own.

Technology, man.

Sure, dating apps may be able to virtually connect us with our best matches based off our interests, hobbies, wants and needs. 

But if you matched with someone naturally, would you know it?

In a short film entitled "97%" by Ben Brand and Caviar Amsterdam, a man, sitting on a subway, receives a notification from his phone alerting him that "a 97% love match is near."

Desperate to find her, the main character, Bert, scans the train, looking for someone who fits the dating app's description: a smiley brunette who listens to Dean Martin and lives by the mantra "carpe diem," among other things.


When the subway stops, the app notifies Bert that his match is moving further and further away, so he jumps up and chases her through crowds of people, up and down stairwells, and onto another subway. 

Finally, Bert thinks he's found her, but as he approaches his supposed match, he quickly realizes she's with another man.

Seemingly defeated, Bert sits down across from another woman and the two build up a natural flirtation. At this point, Bert has lost all phone connection, so his app is useless.

Bert and this new woman have tangible chemistry, but when Bert's phone sends out another alert, he jumps up and gets off the train. 

The final, heartbreaking scene reveals that he had his match sitting right across from him, but he was too dependent on technology to know it.

And with that, his dating game is over. Or is it?

The video, completed entirely without words, makes an appropriate comment on today's dating app technology and the art of finding one's match through a smartphone. 

When, really, will we recognize the love that's staring right back at us?

Be sure to watch the full video below:

(H/T: DesignTaxi)


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