Twitter Has A Field Day When Congressman Calls Ramp For Ducks 'Government Waste'

"If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck, it must be government waste."

With a reported national debt of over $19 trillion, government spending should be carefully monitored, but North Carolina Rep. Mark Walker took things a bit far earlier this week when he labeled a ramp providing ducklings with easy access to the Capitol Reflecting Pool "government waste."

For some reason, once the Republican representative caught sight of the ramp on May 15, he took issue with its existence. To be clear, the ramp helps the ducks clear the ridge that borders the pool. 



Unfortunately for Walker, it only took Twitter users a few moments to critique his stance with good humor and adorable duckling gifs. After all, who takes a stand against ducklings when our government clearly has bigger issues at hand to address — ya know, like the current healthcare debate?

In fact, many users were quick to point out the obvious: This cost of ramp that's keeping ducklings from drowning is nothing compared to other uses for taxpayer dollars.

Despite Rep. Walker's concerns, Upworthy reports the Architect of the Capitol — the agency responsible for maintaining the pool — spent just "a couple of bucks" on the ramp that makes life much easier for the ducks.

What's more? The mallards are already putting the ramp to good use. As you can see, even U.S. Capitol Twitter account had some fun at Rep. Walker's expense.

"The ducks have an uncanny ability to locate a way out of the water, if one is provided. We can never truly predict their behavior, but our goal is to provide them the means to get in and out of the water, which is what they need to do in the wild to protect their duckling from becoming waterlogged or cold," Anne Lewis, President of City Wildlife tells "The rest is up to them, but they do have a strong survival instinct especially when there are ducklings involved."


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