People Are Passing Out Free Condoms In Comical Wrappers To Send An Important Message

"This is not a partisan issue. A majority of Americans agree: We can’t afford to lose control."

Copay-free birth control is a requirement stipulated in the Affordable Care Act that's lessened the financial burden for millions of women, but as Republicans begin to dismantle the ACA, the future of that safeguard becomes less and less certain.

As a response, an initiative called Keep Birth Control Copay Free enlisted people to hand out free condoms in front of New York City's Trump Tower and around the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C. earlier this week.



And these weren't just any ordinary condoms. Per HelloGiggles, the creative minds over at Keep Birth Control Copay Free created rubbers adorned with a caricature of pregnant President Donald Trump, which you can see below.

"Get rid of copay free birth control?" the wrapper asks.

According to the campaign, the ACA broadened access to copay-free birth control to more than 55 million women, many of whom could not afford to pay more than $10 a month for birth control, but the current administration is threatening to take that away.

The campaign also notes that 75 percent of voters believe male politicians would support copay-free birth control if they could get pregnant.


Back in November, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan called free birth control to women a "nitty-gritty detail" while declining to answer if the Republican healthcare plan would still provide free birth control to women with insurance, and, according to Refinery29, in February House Budget Chair Diane Black said contraceptives being covered as preventative care under employer-sponsored health plans "is not part of our program."

When the American Health Care Act passed in the House, many saw it as an assault on women's health care that, among other things, could dramatically reduce the availability of copay-free birth control to people all across the country. 

In addition to the pregnant Trump-themed condoms, Keep Birth Control Copay Free released a short and funny ad illustrating the importance of free contraception.


According to the ad, getting rid of copay-free birth control would lead to a spike in unplanned pregnancies that could cost the government and taxpayers around $21 billion a year.

As KeepBCFree states, "This is not a partisan issue. A majority of Americans agree: We can't afford to lose control. We must Keep Birth Control Co-Pay Free."

To learn more about how you can protect access to free birth control, click here.


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