This Teacher was Left Paralyzed. What Her Friends did Next will Inspire You.

They Wouldn't Take 'No' for and Answer!

Every day people are winning campaigns on that address issues big and small. We'll take a look at these victories and how the world changed in the last week.

Şeyda Gökçe Bakan, a teacher who was severely injured in a car accident, will receive therapy that will enable her to walk again, thanks to a petition.

Last winter, Şeyda was driving to the high school where she teaches in an underdeveloped area of eastern Turkey, when she lost control of her car on the icy roads. She broke her neck and was left unable to walk.

Over the following eight months, Şeyda underwent a series of surgeries and physical therapy, but none of the treatments helped her to regain mobility.

Her doctors told her only hope of walking again was to receive physical treatment in GATA, a state-run military research hospital. But being hospitalized in GATA is subject to special authorization.

That's when Şeyda's fellow teachers and alumni from Uludag University stepped in.

They created a petition on July 1 -- "Let Şeyda get her treatment in GATA" -- and soon after the country's top publications were writing about Şeyda. Signatures on the petition started building. Members of parliament visited Şeyda and promised their support.

Twenty-eight days and 183,708 signatures later, Şeyda was granted admittance for treatment at GATA. On Monday, July 27, Nabi Avcı, the Minister of Education, called Şeyda to tell her not only will she be treated at GATA in Ankara, but also she has been appointed to a teaching position there.

Şeyda's victory is one of many on our platform that tells a very personal story about health. Read about our most popular health victories, many of which are stories of expanded use, like Şeyda's story. Or show support for a health petition that is currently trending.


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