The Top 10 Braided Hairstyles For Spring

Spring is all about braids!

French Half Pigtails


A bit on the edgier side, these French-braided pigtails are a fresh take on a classic half-up hairstyle. For extra staying power, apply styling mousse to the sections you plan to plait. (Psst … plait is just a fancy word for braid!) 

The Single Side Braid

Perfect for the plaiting novice, this braid is nothing more than a traditional three-strander skewed to one side and accentuated with an extreme side part.

We love this look best with iron-straight strands. So start with a sleek blow out.

The Headband Braid

Looking for a fun new way to grow out your fringe? Try this trick.

Start behind one ear and create a loose French braid that follows your hairline. Secure the ends behind your other ear.

And voilà — bye-bye, bangs!

The Plaited Ponytail

This laid-back braid is created by sweeping hair to one side and loosely weaving your strands into a French braid. The messier, the better — so don't worry if a few pieces fall out as you tackle your 'tail. 

The Fishtail

This surprisingly simple braid (click here to check out our how-to) is a music festival staple and sure to impress.

The Half Crown (With Curls)

This versatile style works for almost any event, from a music festival to an outdoor wedding. And it's ideal for short and long strands alike.

After you've created the braided crown, spritz your strands with heat protection spray and curl quarter-inch pieces. Use bobby pins to keep the coils in place, and then add a few flowers to complete the look. 

The Boho Crown Braid

Practice makes perfect with this bold braid -- but once you've mastered it, trust us, it will be your ultimate lazy-day go-to. The key is to start with second-day hair. If you can't go a day without washing your strands, dry shampoo will add just the right amount of grit. 

The Wraparound French Braid

If you've mastered the classic French braid, you'll definitely want to try this asymmetrical style for an update on the look.

Leave the ponytail low or wrap it up into a loose, textured bun for extra wow factor.

The Milkmaid Braid

All milkmaid (or Heidi) braids start the same way: by wrapping pigtails up and over the crown of your head and pinning.

But, it's easy to vary your look with subtle tweaks. Some of our favorites: pulling a few face framing pieces of hair loose, creating or eliminating a center part, and changing the texture of the braids from sleek to tousled. 

The Wrap Braid

Here's another easy, must-know updo. Seriously, it's only four steps!

Step 1: Choose a side for your bun, and on the opposite side of your head pull out a small section of hair just behind your ear.

Step 2: Pull your hair into a bun (leave the small section out).

Step 3: Braid the small section and tie the end with an elastic.

Step 4: Wrap the braided piece over your head and around the bun, and pin in place.

For more braided-hairstyle inspiration, don't miss  this video. 


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