Photographer Asked People To Name Their Favorite And Least Favorite Physical Features. This Is What They Picked.

Can you tell which is which?

When asked what we think of our own looks, many of us instantly start picking out flaws. Thighs too thick, hair too curly, belly not firm enough. But that wasn't the question, now was it?

Kelsey Higley, an Oklahoma-based photographer, decided to challenge this tendency. She asked people to name their favorite and least favorite body parts, which she then photographed and displayed side by side without labels. The result is a revealing look at how differently we tend to look at ourselves compared with how the world most likely sees us.

"I think this dynamic is important because so often when body image is discussed, only the negative is brought up," Higley explained in the statement she sent to A Plus. "It's vitally important for us to recognize what we love about ourselves and embrace it." 

And we couldn't agree more. Scroll down to see what Highley captured on film.



As Highley explained to A Plus, David Rainwater, one of the people photographed for the project, confessed that "it made him think about how if no one can tell from these images what he likes and dislikes about himself, then everything he worries about in regards to appearance seems so insignificant."

Can you tell?




Chandler WIlson, the young woman photographed above, was quoted saying, "People will see this. But they could see my insecurity as beautiful or my confidence as ugly."


In other words, what we see as flaws, the world simply sees as the characteristics that make us who we are.

If you liked Highley's work as much as we did, make sure to check out her website.

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